Watch Servicing

Each watch are serviced before sending, which includes:

  • complete disassembly of the movement
  • if necessary, replacement or restoration of parts
  • cleaning the movement and the case
  • assembly of the movement ensuring the correct interaction of components and parts
  • lubrication
  • adjustment of accuracy
  • checking of power reserve.

Guarantee Period

We provide 1-year warranty for the mechanical and automatic watches, and half of the year for quartz watches.

What Does The Warranty Include

The warranty includes repair of the following faults:

  • malfunctions in the movement or electronic parts;
  • problems with the movement, including stops, malfunctions or incorrect operation of additional watch functions (automatic winding, calendars, stop seconds, chronograph).

What The Warranty Doesn't Include

The warranty service does not apply to the products that have defects due to violation of operating rules:

  • traces of impacts and mechanical damage (dents, nicks, bounced hands, marks, numbers, deformation of the dial, missing or deformed crown, watch buttons, etc.);
  • traces of unauthorized opening outside the warranty service center (scratches on the case at the junction with the back cover, damaged screw slots, fingerprints inside the mechanism, non-standard battery, incorrectly installed cover seal, etc.);
  • traces of exposure of the product to high (more than +50°C) or low (less than -20°C) temperatures;
  • damage (internal and external) caused by any external mechanical impact, shock or vibration loads, application of external force to parts of the product (broken or fallen glass, cracks, scratches, scuffs, chips, deformation of materials and parts, breakage, bending of the transfer head axis , curvature of the wheel axes and balance, deformation of the plates, rupture or stretching of parts, tearing off of the case lugs for attaching the bracelet, etc.);
  • damage resulting from exposure to moisture, fogging of the inner surface of the watch glass and water ingress into it;
  • damage caused by contact with the product of caustic chemicals or solvents (alkali, acid, mercury and its vapor, plastic solvents, etc.);
  • damage caused by the ingress of foreign objects, substances, insects;
  • other damage caused by intentional or careless actions of the buyer or violation of operating rules.

What Is Not A Defect

  • natural wear and tear of elements during operation;
  • abrasion of the coating, case, crystal, buttons, watch crown, strap;
  • fogging of the inner side of the watch crystal;
  • deviation of the second hand from the scale division strokes within 3°;
  • discrepancy between hour and minute hands within 3°;
    average daily movement accuracy within ±90 seconds;
  • discharged battery.

Warranty Service Process

In case of defects or malfactions during the warranty period:

  1. Contact us by email or using our contact form. Describe the situation, attach additional photos or videos that can help see the problem clearly.
    We will provide you with the instructions on what to do next as soon as possible.
  2. We provide watch repair within the warranty ONLY from our service center, so you'll need to send the watch to us. Shipping details must be approved by us. Be sure to save and share the tracking number after sending the watch.
  3. If the service center recognizes this case as warranty, then sending watches to us and back will be free of charge for you. The cost of your shipping can be returned in different ways (will be discussed separately).
  4. If your case is not recognized as warranty, then we will contact you and inform you of the cost of repair, after that you can decide on further actions.