Good watches don’t always carry a high price tag. Nor do they even have to be Swiss.

Let us discuss a famous watch model from soviet Raketa factory – Raketa Kopernik. 

Soviet watch catalogue from Raketa factory:


Having a minimalistic, but at the same time unusual “moon” design, and a reliable mechanical movement, this watch continues to win the hearts of many customers, as well as attract the attention of collectors.

Raketa (eng. Rocket ) is a part of one of the oldest watch factories, the Petrodvorets Watch Factory founded in St. Petersburg by Peter the Great in 1721. The Raketa brand was founded in 1962. Raketa watches were produced for the Red Army, the Soviet Navy, for North Pole expeditions, as well as for civilians.

The Raketa Kopernik watch was firstly produced in 1980’s and named in honor of Nicolaus Copernicus, the Renaissance polymath, active as a mathematician, astronomer, and Catholic canon, who formulated a model of the universe that placed the Sun rather than Earth at its center. That’s why the hour and minute hands on Kopernik watch was made as a representation of the Sun and the Moon. The hour hand is made as a golden disc, being the Sun, and the minute hand is made as a black ring, being the Moon.

Hour and minute hands of Kopernik represent Sun and Moon.

Kopernik watches became so popular that they continue to be reissued to this day. This watch model with a new watch face design continue to be produced at the official Raketa watch factory too. Here on you can find both original Kopernik watches from 1980’s and new reissues of Raketa Koperniks.

December 23, 2022 — Oleksandr Radich