Poljot was a renowned brand of Soviet wristwatches that was manufactured by the First Moscow Watch Factory. The factory, established in 1930, was the largest and most prominent watch producer in the Soviet Union and its watches, including those under the Poljot brand, were known for their durability, accuracy and reliability, and were highly sought after by Soviet citizens.

One of the most iconic Poljot watches is the Poljot Sturmanskie Gagarin, a chronograph watch equipped with the top-of-the-line caliber 3133 movement. The 3133 movement was developed by the First Moscow Watch Factory in the 1970s and was utilized in a number of Poljot models, including the Poljot Strela and Vostok. The 3133 movement is renowned for its reliability and accuracy.

Poljot Sturmanskie Gagarin Watch

Watch «Poljot Strela» - Soviet Chronograph

In addition to the 3133 movement, the First Moscow Watch Factory produced other high-quality movements, such as the 23 jewels 2612.5 and the 31 jewels 3105, which were utilized in various Poljot watches, including dress watches, aviation watches, and dive watches such as the Poljot Amphibian and Poljot De Luxe.

Poljot Automatic Watch «Poljot Amphibian»

"Poljot De Luxe" Watch, Gold Plated Watch"Poljot De Luxe" Watch, Gold Plated Watch

Poljot watches remain highly prized by collectors and enthusiasts even after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. The First Moscow Watch Factory continued to produce watches under the Poljot brand and these watches are considered to be an important piece of Soviet history due to their excellent craftsmanship and historical significance.

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Moon and Sun Phases Watch "Poljot"

"Poljot De Luxe Space" Watch


February 04, 2023 — Vlad Fokin